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HOW I BECAME A LION - Lion Bill Comeau


I spent September 14th, 2001 at the Salvation Army in NYC a couple blocks away from Ground Zero and it changed my life forever. I had spent all week with horrible thoughts and images seared into my brain and knew my only hope of healing them was to find something positive to do in the face of the devastation. My wife and I arrived at the Salvation Army building before dawn with a vehicle full of supplies and were allowed to stay and assist for the whole day. By 9AM there were hundreds of volunteers forming lines to help. Seeing the outpouring of selflessness in the city changed my life and ultimately accomplished the healing I needed.


I became addicted that day to wanting to help others. I had a BA in Psychology that I had never utilized and decided to make a change. When I returned home, I gave my notice to my employer and started working in an Inpatient Psychiatric Facility in Pembroke. I later worked as a Residential Counselor in an Adolescent Group Home in Attleboro. I currently work in a Residential Group Home for Adults with Psychiatric Disabilities.

When I moved to Lakeville to raise my daughters, I wanted to find a way to get involved with service in the community. As I looked around for opportunities, I saw the Lions everywhere… cleaning the islands, having a presence at the Lakeville Arts Festival, helping at the COA, raising money and giving to charity through the golf tournament, etc. I knew I wanted to be a part of that selfless giving in the community. When I was approached by some Lions at the Lakeville Arts Festival I got all of the information I needed to help me on my way. That is how I became a Lion.



      Lion Patrick Marshall   

My interest in community service can be traced back to October 1986 when I started working at the Wareham Free Library.  Little did I know that this part time high school job would turn into a career as well as sparking my interest in community affairs.  Public libraries are hubs for their respective communities, allowing me to meet people from all walks of life.  In all the towns I have been fortunate to work in, Wareham, Dartmouth, Foxboro, Medway and now Bourne, my jobs have provided me opportunities to work with everyone, from the very young to the very old.  they have also introduced me to many community groups and town committees. 

When my wife Tracy and I moved to Lakeville in 2008, it was important for me to become involved with my new adopted hometown.  Within the first couple of years, we joined the Y and I was appointed to the Open Space Committee.  At the Lakeville Art and Music Festival, I was able to spend time at the Lions booth and hear all the great things this group does.  I was sold.

In my free time, I am a part time kayak instructor and have been since 1998.  My wife and I also love to travel, ski and be outdoors with our two crazy rescue dogs.  

Lion Rich LaCamera

I became a Lakeville Lion through my friendship with Gerry White.  In 1982 I began my sixteen 
years serving on the Lakeville Finance Committee, followed by nine years as a Lakeville Selectman.  On both committees I had the privilege of serving with Gerry, who informed me about the service commitment of the Lions and, eventually, sponsored me when I joined the club in 1992.

When my wife and I moved to Lakeville 42 years ago, it was a big change from city life in Boston, where we had both grown up. We quickly learned what a special community we have here. Our four children were raised in Lakeville, attended the public schools and participated in youth and high school sports. Involvement in our children’s activities brought more opportunities for volunteering and demonstrated that this town has many dedicated, involved citizens in so many different areas. Now that the children are grown and I am retired, I am enjoying the opportunity to be more involved in the Lions Club.

Lion Gary Mansfield

Born: Hartford Connecticut,  Moved to Lakeville Dec 1977

Married: Marilyn 9/1963, two sons, Christopher & w Julia; Tyler & w Joanna and four Grandchildren, Maximillian, Emily, Cameron and Rachel,

Education: Weaver HS 1960, Central Conn State College BS 1970, Williams School of Banking, Rutgers Graduate Banking School of Banking

Instructor: 12 years American Institute of Banking, Boston

Leisure Activities: Exercising at YMCA, Traveling, fishing with my grandchildren,

Work History: Restaurant Manager 1960 -1961. Began banking career in 1962 as teller and over a fifty four year career (and four bank mergers) retired as the Senior Lending officer of the Massachusetts Community Development Financial Corporation in 2007.

Key Life Events:

1) Mother died when I was 14, father could not initially cope with her death and raising a 14 year old teenager. Consequently, I was beginning to associate with the wrong crowd. My Boy Scout Leader took me off a street corner and had me live with his family until my dad was able to have me back with him. Throughout my life this man has been a helping hand and guiding beacon. He instilled in us scouts (among other things) the belief that you must leave everything a little better for your being there.

2) I am fortunate to be married for 53 years to one of the brightest, giving and caring person that anyone could ever hope to select. She is a natural leader who places family first while serving the Town of Lakeville for 33 years as its Council on Aging Director and Veterans Agent.

3) Served 6 years in the Marine Corps Reserve, honorably discharged, E5 Platoon Sergeant. It instilled in me a sense of pride, duty and confidence in my abilities that has followed me throughout life.

Civic Activities and Awards:

Twenty Five year Scouter, President, 200 families Homeowners Association. Helped starting the Soccer program in Lakeville and was a Little League Manager. Co-chaired a St Luke’s Hospital (Middleboro) Charity Ball and Co-chaired the Lakeville 150 Celebration Gala Ball. Awarded a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow for work in the Middleboro Rotary Club’s Student Foreign Exchange Program and work in community involvement, Chairman, Lakeville School Committee, Chairman, Lakeville Finance Committee, member of Cemetery Commission,  current District Representative on the Old Colony Regional Vocational School Committee. Lastly, 35 years Treasurer of Lakeville Development Corporation that retired over $2.6 million in debt for the purchase the Ted Williams Baseball camp and funded renovations to the renewed commissary building.